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    Four-star Patent Agency in China
    National Intellectual Property Service Brand Agency
    National Intellectual Property Service Brand Establishment
    Vice President of Guangdong Patent Agency Association
    Golden Award for Best Service
    Member of Guangdong Intellectual Property Protection Association
    Member Unit of Guangdong Overseas Intellectual Property Protection Promotion Association
    Excellent Patent Agency in Shenzhen
    NO.3 in invention patent agents number in Guangdong Province
    Member of Guangdong patent agency
    National Intellectual Property Implementation Advisory Service Alliance Governing Body
    Guangdong Patent Agency Management Standardized Unit
    Trademark agency service standard unit
    "Contract-honoring and Credit-keeping" Enterprise in Guangdong Province
    Chairman Zhang Quanwen: IPR Top 10 influential figures
    Second Excellent Invention Patent Application Document


    ZYIP has been providing top quality, comprehensive, responsive, and cost-effective intellectual property legal services for more than 9000 well-known enterprises.


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    Shenzhen Satellite TV interviews zyip ZhangQuanwne

    Huawei announced the 5G mobile phone patent rate standard. Shenzhen Satellite TV conducted an interview with Mr. Zhang Quanwen, the executive vice chairman of Shenzhen Patent Association and chairman of Zhongyi Intellectual Property, on this matter.

    In the 21st China Patent Awards, Zhongyi's intellectual property agency patent won "1 Gold, 1 Silver and 5 Excellent"!

    In this selection, Shenzhen Zhongyi Intellectual Property Agency has won 7 patents, including 1 China Patent Gold Award, 1 China Design Silver Award, and 5 China Patent Excellence Awards
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